Presentation Skills/Business Coaching / Consulting/Mentoring

Every successful person needs a bouncing board. A person that can listen to ideas, keep you on track, suggest, guide, inspire and ensure you are living your life just the way you planned. Paula’s presentation skills and business clients range from Elite Athletes, Franchisors, Professional Speakers, Experts, Business Coaches, Executives, Corporate and Community Leaders and Small Business Owners. They all have one big thing in common. They want to make an impact and that’s why Paula chooses to work with them.

Paula’s clients get results.
Paula has been successfully in business since the age of 19.Her business success is not a fluke; it is a strategy that has been implemented time and time again over the past 30 years to give Paula the work and family balance she set out to achieve. Paula has 3 children, a successful business and a life filled with all the things that makes her heart sing. Paula is also a Master NLP Coach and has tertiary qualifications in Human Resource Development and Counselling.

Paula also developed the Exceptional Business Programme and Model, a hugely successful facilitated business growth mastermind and educational programme. In fact Paula shared her EB model and some of the success stories to a Global Audience in New Zealand recently.

Coaching and consulting is an art and skill, not everyone has the skills to be able help their client’s to learn and grow. Choosing a Coach, Mentor or Consultant  can be risky business.  Ensure you choose one who has a proven track record, understands the distinct difference between all 3  and one who aligns to your core values.

There are two ways of working with Paula

1. The Exceptional Business Master Mind Programme
IGNITE (3 months) or TRIBE (6 months).
Exceptional Business Flyer  Download here

2. Private presentation skills or business coaching/mentoring and consulting
One on one face to face or on-line private coaching for a more intimate
and customised approach working intensively on your goals and vision.
Both solutions are by application only. Paula will only take you on as a client if you both feel you are the right fit .

If you are looking to:

  • Build your business
  • Grow/Franchise your business
  • Build your personal brand
  • Lead more effectively
  • Break through barriers
  • Write that book
  • Develop resilliency skills
  • Reclaim your work life balance
  • Change your career direction
  • Become a business owner or solopreneur for the first time
  • Position yourself as an expert in your industry
  • Develop stand out presenting skills and confidence
  • Package up your expertise into a commercial entity
  • Communicate better with your staff and clients

Phone Paula and start making the positive changes you need today to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Paula will first speak with you to ensure there is the right formula present to build a successful coaching/mentoring relationship. Once you are satisfied that the programme is for them you can get started on your goals. Paula offers coaching programmes from 3 months – 12 months and only works with a small number of private  clients at any one time.

The programme includes face-to-face or on-line sessions, email and phone support and in many cases opportunities to meet with other like-minded clients.

Paula can also be booked for presentation skills coaching if attending a workshop is not your thing. Paula wants to ensure your next presentation is a memorable one. Paula will take you step by step through your next presentation to help you overcome nerves, prepare correctly and deliver that powerful presentation to get the results you are looking for.

Visit the testimonials page to read all the success stories from Paula’s coaching clients.

Groups, tribes and communities run by Paula

The Global Institute of Training and Presenting – Paula is the CEO of the Global Institute of Training and Presenting which provides support, development and community for Exceptional Trainers, Presenters and Workshop Leaders. GITP provides regular events for trainers, speakers and experts. Paula also interviews experts across the globe through Expert TV. GITP is a training company servicing some of Australia’s largest companies.

The Speaking Practice – Paula’s speaking practice get togethers are now being facilitated in Partnership with the Global Institute of Training and Presenting. The Speaking practice is an in-formal speaking practice group which gives opportunity to practice and receive feedback in front of a live audience for GITP Members and Invited Guests.

Autism West Speaks Out – Paula is the Ambassador for Autism West Speaks Out, a programme to give individuals on the Autism Spectrum an opportunity to develop speaking skills so they can confidently speak out and raise Autism Awareness

Coaching Groups – As an experienced and qualified Facilitator and Coach, Paula hosts facilitated master mind groups in-house for your organisation or for her own coaching clients