The NOW Presentation

The NOW presentation

Make money, save money, save time and be happier now.
The difference between children and adults in a learning environment is that a child usually accepts the method of teacher-directed learning. This is what we are going to learn today whether you want to or not because it’s in the curriculum.
One of the principles for adult learning is that adults insist on relevance. Can I use this knowledge or skill in my life or workplace now or in the not-so-distant future?
I coach a lot of emerging speakers: speakers who have a great message for the world, and want to turn what they know – their expertise – into a business. Speakers who want to be able to adapt their message for a commercial market.
One of the first questions I ask them is: “If I was CEO of an organisation how would your message either make me money, save me money or save me time?”
Your message or your presentation must be relevant to your target market and their current issues. Lots of topics are interesting and may even have the wow factor but would I pay for them?
Many presenters have some brilliant content and ideas but to an organisation which has very clear outcomes and a strict budget would they say: So what! Who cares!
Remember, they will ask these questions:
1. Will this presentation solve a current problem?
2. Will this presentation make me money or save me money?
3. Will this presentation help me or my staff be more productive?
4. Is this presentation relevant?
Even an individual attending your public workshop is looking for answers to a problem they may be experiencing now. They may want to be slimmer, richer or happier.
If we have a keynote we are known for you can still contextualise it to make it relevant right now for this group of people, in this organisation.
People want NOW presentations – ‘sometime later’ or ‘for someone else’ is not always an easy sell.


From the pages of Powerful Presentation Principles  52 Presenting rules to help you prepare, present and persuade

(Principle 13)

Author Paula Smith (Speaker CSP, Master Trainer and Business Consultant)

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