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It’s here!

And just for you

On Monday morning 11th May at 9am you can get your copy for just 99 cents. 

Because you are one of my valued clients, you get to enjoy the read before our official launch.

This offer is only available for 24 hours

Sell Your Story is an inspirational read.

Meet Entrepreneurs from all over Australia who will be sharing their brand stories.

From an amazing 24 year old multi -millionnaire and company director to a man on a real mission to Mars.  Hear from a Dr committed to celebrating the unique abilities of Autistic Adults and read the story of a lawyer who was gored by the bulls in Spain and went on to win Australia’s richest athletic race.  This is just a snapshot of some of the stories from our contributors.

I wanted to give you the opportunity to read Sell Your Story first in our pre-launch E-Book Kindle offer for just 99 cents US or $1.26 AU.  

(After launch the paperback will retail at $24.95)

If you do take advantage of our 99 cent offer can you please do 2 things for me.

  1. Read it as soon as possible
  2. Within the 24 hours pre-launch period 9am 11th May until 9am 12th May please write a short testimonial on the site you purchased it from under “Write Customer Review”

Please note you do not need a Kindle to read the book. You just need to purchase it on your Amazon account. If you dont have an Amazon account, it takes only a couple of minutes to set one up.

So many entrepreneurs, business owners, speakers and authors applied to be in this first Sell Your Story publication. These are the brand stories  I wanted to share with you first.

Remember you only have

24 hours for this offer.  Look out for the link on Monday morning

Meet the Contributors Below

Colin Hendrie –There’s no growth without challenge

Darren Vernede – Resilient people beat impossible odds

Gen George – Disrupting the employment industry 

Gillian Skeer – The Change Agent

Dr Heidi Stieglitz Ham – Celebrating the unique abilities of people on the autism spectrum

Jane and Michael Pelusey – On a global trek to success

Josh Richards – On a mission to Mars

Karen Livey – Developing brain savvy leaders

Luke Versace – The Law of Winning

Shannon Bush – Leading you to Creative Possibilities

Sharon Brown  – Creating health, harmony and prosperity. The Feng Shui way

Sharron Attwood – Brand etiquette for better business

Sue Papadoulis – Journalist & Publicity Expert

Tasha Broomhall – Helping you to BLOOM

Todd Hutchison – The Corporate Mechanic

Veronika Andersson – The Wellness Accountant

 I am confident you will enjoy the read.  

If you miss out this Monday you can still access your copy on my website bookshop  $7.95 Kindle $24.95 Print

on the official launch date.

Click here to get your copy now 



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