Work with Paula Smith CSP

Paula works with experts, entrepreneurs, corporate and community leaders, organisations and individuals.
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Experts and Entrepreneurs

Paula has been a small business owner since 1989. This is not a fluke. Paula has the skills and passion to not only stay in business for over 30 years but to thrive in business. Strategies she has used over and over again across multiple businesses to create the career and life she loves.

Paula has been coaching, mentoring and consulting to business owners for many years and boasts impressive results and raving client feedback.

Some of Paula’s clients have been featured in the best-selling book “Sell Your Story”.

Her clients have ranged from Elite Athletes, to Franchisors, Professional Speakers to Business Coaches and every business in between.

Her niche has been working with Presenters and Business owners to package their knowledge and skills into a commercial offering then showing them how to communicate their offerings to their ideal clients.  The creation and execution of the “Exceptional Business” model.

Corporate Leaders and Organisations

Paula’s rich experience, expertise, education and engaging personality makes Paula a perfect partner in meeting your organisational goals.

Paula is tertiary qualified in Human Resource Development and her extensive industry experience is evident in her training workshops and keynote presentations.

Being a true expert in Presentation Intelligence ™ and Training and Development also ensures audience members and workshop participants leave with the intended message. Powerful messages that lead to real behavioural change. Paula has been recognised for these skills and qualities in the global accreditations/designations she has been awarded.