Professional / Keynote Speaker – Paula Smith CSP

When choosing a professional speaker for your next event ensure the Speaker you book not only knows their topic but has a deep level of knowledge and experience in presenting a message that will have IMPACT in years to come.

‘Many speakers are engaging and
charismatic but it’s the Impact that matters’

Paula is an expert in Presentation Intelligence ® and Adult Learning and is just a little obsessed about making an impact

She understands the critical elements of audience engagement, influence, message retention and how to make behavioural shifts happen. Although Paula grew up in the theatre and revels in a great performance, she also knows that a relevant and engaging conversation with the audience, not a word perfect performance, is much more powerful. Her 30 years rich experience and tertiary studies in Human Resource Development/Education also makes Paula a ‘stand out’ in the speaking industry.

Paula has been awarded a CSP (Certified Speaking Profession) the highest speaking designation awarded by the National Speakers Association; only a handful of speakers across the globe hold this award, and the CEP (Certified Expert Presenter) from the Global Institute of Training and Presenting.

Paula is also an experienced MC and loves the challenge of leading the energy in the room, keeping the event on track and working collaboratively with the whole even team.

Paula can even train and coach all of your conference speakers/presenters to ensure the whole event is a success.

As Paula works with and trains professional speakers, she may even have suggestions to fill your event with other inspirational speakers and subject matter experts.

Contact Paula personally to discuss your conference or event needs

Paula’s Keynote Presentations are:

Conscious Impact

You can make a difference

Presentation Intelligence ®

Powerful Presentation Principles – The art, science and practice of presenting.

Speak Out to Play a Bigger Game

Grow your business and your brand by harnessing the power of speaking.

Keynote Messages that Matter

How to craft a killer keynote

The Story Teller

The art, science and practice of powerful storytelling for leadership or legacy

Winning at Being a Woman

Make an Impact – your way
(a motivational keynote for women in business)

Your Brand is You

Personal brand promises for career and business success