Happy Valentines Day (already?)

Wow, it’s January 9th, everyone is still recovering from  the Christmas and New Year celebrations and there on the radio this morning some business is talking about Valentines Day.  Noooo!!! please let me recover from Christmas were my first thoughts but then another thought entered my head.  I am overseas until February 1st, then I will be madly catching up with work for a week and this won’t leave me any time to plan for Valentines Day (which incidentally my Husband and I always celebrate, such romantics). It’s January 9th and yes you are right, I must start thinking and planning Valentines Day.  So my question to you is how forward thinking is your marketing?  Are your competitors ahead of you with theirs?  If your clients are not  yet shopping for what you have to offer perhaps you can educate them on the WHY they need to invest NOW.  I read a facebook post a few days after Christmas that said People are putting their Christmas lights up so early these days, Christmas is still 360 days away.  Funny! Yes I think our clients do need a little time to recover but I don’t think you are too early for those who love to plan ahead.  So go ahead and plan your year’s events, offerings, new book launch, speaking gigs, conference submissions and maybe even who will be invited for Christmas dinner this year.

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