Do you take risks in your presentations?

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Do you take risks in your presentations?

World class presenters take risks in their presentations.

If you are not taking a few risks in your presentations you are not growing as a presenter.

A business presenter has only one goal to get a message across that will change behaviour in the workplace.

Sometimes the higher the risk the deeper level of learning.

One of my presentation coaching clients just took a risk with her opening with amazing results and a now has a much higher level of confidence to experiment with her sessions.

Another not for profit client was bidding for a $100,000 grant against other organisations who also had a great story and needed the money just as much. A presentation risk equalled a big fat cheque in the bank that enabled them to do amazing things for disadvantaged children.

Out of your presentation comfort zone please, take a risk, stand out, be remembered and bank the cheque.

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