Are you a confident or an arrogant Speaker?

Presentation Skills - with Paula Smith CSP

Are you a confident or an arrogant Speaker?

A confident speaker:

Cares about what their audience will take away from the session
Will rehearse to ensure they are at their best
Will find out what the client really needs
Will be open to adapting their style and presentation to suit the target group including interactive activities or Q and A..
Welcomes a continuous relationship with participants or clients.
Will source feedback after the event and will discuss evaluation strategies to measure effectiveness

An arrogant speaker:

“If the audience takes action or not it doesn’t worry me I still get paid”
“I’ve done this same presentation 10 times over, no need to rehearse anything, it’s a breeze.”
“This is my presentation, no need to meet or chat prior, I will email you the content”
“No time for interaction, I’ve got a huge presentation”
Questions? No questions, they will just try to undermine what I have just told them.
“Sorry, what was that, how will we evaluate, Oh no need I’ve done this before, I’ll be great”

It sounds like I have exaggerated. I have seen them in action. Very scary.

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